Russian State University of Design and Applied Arts (Stroganov University) is the oldest applied and industrial art university in Russia. Today the University prepares highly qualified specialists in popular artistic professions, among them: product, environment and graphic designers, muralists and sculptors, decorative artists, restorers and art critics.

Stroganov University was founded in 1825 by Count Sergey Stroganov – a member of a noble Russian family, who consequently supported the development of national art and industry. Since then Stroganov University has raised plenty of talented artists who made the glory of Russian art and design. Stroganov diploma means quality. Our graduates work in all leading studios and agencies throughout the world. A lot of them are successfully self-employed. World famous artists, architects and designers has always been welcomed to teach at Stroganov University despite their artistic views or preferences. M. Vrubel, K. Korovin, V. Kandinsky, F. Shekhtel, A. Rodchenko contributed a lot to the formation of a unique tuition system – the Stroganov School, the very essence of which is respect to the tradition and openness to the innovation.

A student of the 21st century will find within the walls of modern Stroganov University the opportunities to improve both academic and digital art skills at his or her choice. Nowadays the teaching staff of the University also consists of big names and talented youth both in contemporary and classical art. Tradition and innovation get along very well and result in bringing up creativity and bold artistic thinking. The tuition in lecture rooms, and drawing, painting or sculpture classes is very well accomplished with practical students’ work in specialized workshops. The range of workshops at the University is from the old-fashioned open fire blacksmith forge to up-to-date highly sophisticated 3D printer and prototyping machines.

The University has also a very good museum that was founded in 1863 with the purpose to give the students the advantage of direct examination of the best world samples. The same principle is preserved today – the students have classes at the museum: they learn from the touch, take measurements, make copies, make research, restore etc.

Stroganov University is the main all-Russian educational and research institution in the field of design and applied arts. The tuition is provided at bachelor, specialist and master levels. It is arranged in 3 faculties (Design, Monumental and Decorative Applied Arts and Restoration) and 17 departments. There are also a 3-year postgraduate program, doctorate program and a wide range of short term special programs.

• Design Faculty consists of 7 design departments: communicative (graphic design), industrial (product; including digital art), environmental (including multimedia), transport (auto, aero and aqua), interior, furniture and textile design. Graduates work in leading design studios and advertising agencies of Russia, fashionable automotive companies like Citroen, Volvo, Mazda, our alumni are also successfully engaged in television studio, open air programs etc.

• Monumental and Decorative Applied Arts Faculty combines 6 departments: art glass, metal, ceramics, graphics (book illustration), monumental and decorative painting (murals, mosaics, oil painting) and monumental and decorative sculpture.

• Restoration Faculty renders training in 3 restoration departments: metal artworks, furniture and monumental and decorative painting (murals, mosaics, icons, oil painting) and the Department of Theory and History of Decorative Art and Design, which prepares historians and art theorists, art critics, art managers, specialists in the art gallery business and tourism.

Entrance to each department is separate; drawing and painting skills are compulsory for candidates (entrance exams), portfolio required. Admission: June-July. Beginning of academic year is September 1st.

Extras: free evening drawing classes and anatomy for artists available to all the students; museum, 3 exhibition halls, conference room, publishing facility, book shop, artist’s shop, gym, canteen, cafeteria.

Number of Students:
1 500

Bachelor’s Degree Programs (4 years)
Specialist’s Degree Programs (6 years)
Master’s Degree Programs (2 years)
Postgraduate Program (3 years)
Main direction of Scientific Research: Theory and History of Art and Design

Design Faculty

  • Communicative (Graphic) Design Department
  • Industrial (Product; Digital Art) Design Department
  • Environmental Design Department
  • Transport Design Department
  • Interior Design Department<
  • Furniture Design Department
  • Textile Design Department

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Monumental and Decorative Applied Arts Faculty

  • Art Glass Department
  • Art Ceramics Department
  • Art Metal Department
  • Art of Graphics Department
  • Monumental and Decorative Painting Department
  • Monumental and Decorative Sculpture Department

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Restoration Faculty

  • Restoration of Metal Artworks Department
  • Furniture Restoration Department
  • Painting Restoration Department
  • Theory and History Art Department

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